Helpful Tips For Business Travelers

Those who travel for business on a regular basis are well aware that it is difficult to avoid feeling run down or tired, particularly if a hectic schedule must be followed or when jet lag occurs. Nootropics, also referred to as cognitive enhancers, are often a great choice of supplements for business travelers of all ages. They help one to stay alert and ready for all facets of his or her trip, from greeting prospective customers, to giving presentations and entertaining colleagues.

nootropics-brainThe use of smart drugs, which is another name for nootropics, is sometimes an ideal alternative to drugs such as Adderall. Some people take the latter for its benefits, but do not like the side effects. Phenylpiracetam and similar supplements provide the same advantages for some individuals without the negative side effects. For this reason, this substitute for Adderall and other nootropic supplements are worth looking into if a person experiences a distracted state of mind or the much dreaded jet lag. Below are some tips for business travelers who want to avoid these negative side effects of flying the friendly skies.

Jet Lag

jet-lagBecause business professionals often conduct meetings and other work related activities in other cities or parts of the world, many executive travelers also frequently complain of jet lag. If business travelers are not taking an extended trip, sticking to a normal routine regardless of the “real-time” in the area they are visiting is sometimes an option to prevent this side effect of constant traveling. This means eating, sleeping and exercising based on the time it would be at home, whenever possible.

However, if one is traveling out of his or her normal time zone for more than a few days, adjusting to the new time as quickly as possible is the best course of action. Taking an over-the-counter sleeping pill is sometimes a good option, provided one is not on any medications that are contraindicated with such drugs.

Stay Hydrated

watterJet lag and mental disorientation from making frequent trips in and out of different time zones can be exacerbated by dehydration. Therefore, it is in the business traveler’s best interest to drink 8-10 glasses of water per day. Additionally, alcohol is sometimes served on planes, and business professionals may drink when entertaining colleagues in another city. However, whenever possible traveling executives should stick to juice, bottled water or tea. This is because alcohol encourages dehydration, especially if one is not used to drinking on a regular basis.


Exercising shortly after one’s arrival is also a great way to avoid jet lag and mental fatigue. Because most hotels and resorts have fitness centers or workout equipment, it is not as difficult as one may think to get in a quick session of exercise upon arriving. Even doing a few situps or push-ups in one’s hotel room or walking around the block prior to settling down to business tasks are great ways to get the blood pumping again and feel more awake and alert. This is also a good time to take nootropics, as energy and mental clarity will likely be needed shortly after arriving, and certainly before meeting business associates.

Increasing Mental Focus With Cognitive Enhancers

It is certainly not an ideal situation to arrive fatigued and sleepy at a business meeting where bright eyed and focused individuals are waiting for a similarly energetic presentation. This is yet another reason for business travelers to consider smart drugs and nootropic supplements such as Modafinil. This substitute for as well as the other options mentioned above are ideal alternatives for certain individuals. Smarts drugs offer a host of advantages to travelers of all kinds, but those who frequently spend time away from home for work related purposes tend to enjoy even more benefits from cognitive enhancers. For this reason, these Adderall substitutes are worthy of consideration by any business traveler.

Some Really Awesome Things To Do And Experience In Antigua

If your idea of fun luxury holidays involves lazing under the bright sun on some of the most beautiful beaches in the world or sipping rum daiquiris and enjoying a laid-back lifestyle, then you should seriously consider planning a trip to the beautiful island of Antigua.


Beaches… So Many Beaches!

Golden sand flanked by tall green trees on one side with impossibly clear blue waters extending to the horizon on the other side—Antigua is a veritable paradise for beach lovers. Of course, the best thing about planning your luxury holidays in Antigua is that each beach, beginning with the name, is a unique experience in itself.

Carlisle Bay

Carlisle Bay

While your friends will go pub hopping in boring concrete jungles, you can go beach hopping by renting a car or, better still, hiring a boat stocked with your favorite cocktails and mocktails. Start with Carlisle Bay and do a round trip covering the Deep Bay beach, the Half Moon Bay, Dickenson Bay, and Jolly Beach before heading back to your starting point. Just imagine updating your FB status with snaps of these exotic beaches…what better way to make your friends and relatives go green with envy?

Frolic in the Clearest Waters

If you really love the water and want to do something more than just viewing them from land, then you can explore numerous water sports activities on the Island. Snorkeling and scuba diving assume a completely new feel when you check out the clear waters around Cade’s Reef. The water, which looks like a shimmering fabric of blue from the outside, becomes transparent and clear once you take the plunge.

Scuba diving in Antigua is like entering a world where fishes seem to float in a languid and peaceful world with nothing to spoil the fun. Try this and chances are high that scuba diving in other luxury holidays destinations will pale into insignificance.

If you want to try your hand at something more rugged and masculine, then you can try your hand at sailing when vacationing in Antigua. Instead of hitting the gym to stay in shape during your holidays, just pit your strength and skills against the wind and the surf in Antigua. If you are interested in seeing other sail, then make sure you schedule your vacation during the Sailing Week. Where else in the world can you lounge in a five-star resort even as a yacht regatta is visible from your room?

Dig into Your Favorite Dishes

All play and no food will make you a dull boy. Once you have enjoyed the beaches and other attractions to the fullest, it is time to dig into delicious seafood and other cuisines in luxury restaurants or local cafes. From classic French to good ol’ sinfully rich comfort food—you can find it all and a lot more on the Island.

Some Offbeat Ideas for Fun Antigua Luxury Holidays


Nelson’s Dockyard National Park

Planning on doing something more than just eating, drinking, and merrymaking during your vacation? Dip into the Island’s rich history by planning a trip to Nelson’s Dockyard or Betty Hope’s, which was the first large plantation of sugar that was established on the Island.

Every once in a while, it is advisable to take a step back and look at the larger picture. Well, if you want a different view of the Island, then you can always opt for a helicopter ride to gain a whole new perspective of your destination. Surrounded by thousands of miles of water, you can see the beautiful Islands of Antigua and Barbuda waiting to welcome you. Make sure you capture a couple of snaps from the air as well.

Why don’t you surprise your partner by planning a pre-dawn trek to the beach… on a horse? Watching the sun rise over the horizon when you are simply ambling along the shore on the back of a powerful yet gentle horse can be a unique experience, especially considering that not many people associate beach holiday destinations with hikes, treks, and horse rides.

Safari in Antigua

Safari in Antigua

Plan a safari… a tropic safari that includes natural forests, birds, seabirds like pelicans, and a lot more. Get out of your room early and hop on to luxury safaris where you enjoy the comforts and luxurious of your hotel room in the lap of nature. Enjoying luxury in the most unlikely places will definitely enhance the charm of your vacation.

Antigua is far too beautiful and has far too many attractions to be fully explored in a single trip. Yet, you can always try to achieve the impossible and have a great time making the attempt. Even though chances are unlikely that you will succeed, you would have enjoyed a real luxury holiday at one of the most popular tourist destination in the world.

Guidelines For Moving To Dubai

dubai-marinaA move to Dubai can be simultaneously exciting and stressful. However, the more preparation made, the easier the move will be. Preparation becomes even more crucial when moving with children.

Preparing to Move

There are a number of highs and lows associated with moving in general and moving to another country in particular. Below are some guidelines that can be used to make moving to Dubai less stressful and more of an exciting adventure.

Ensure that Your Particulars are in Good Order

Ensuring that your particulars are in order means different things in different locations; however, if the family home will be left vacant, ensure that it is covered with the right insurance. If the house will be rented, make sure that any insurance adjustment needed is made accordingly.

Cost of Living

In Dubai, the cost of living can be quite high because of private schooling and housing cost. Therefore, even though the environment in Dubai is tax free, you must ensure that your expenses will be covered with the household salary. Economizing and cutting costs might have been the order of the day in your home country in which the system of operation is familiar to you. However, taking up residence in a new location and trying to survive on an inadequate salary can be quite a miserable experience.

In Dubai, this would be particularly more miserable since there are a lot of things to enjoy with the right amount of money and not a lot of ways to cut costs. The heat that is experienced in Dubai for a minimum of 6 months of the year makes it next to impossible to save on transportation costs by walking to certain places and riding a bicycle to work. In addition, you will not be able to enroll your child in a government school. There are some costs that just cannot be escaped.

Get Ready to Deal with Culture Shock

culture-shockIn a new nation like Dubai even when English is used for daily communication, there will still be a number of surprises. There will inevitably be some amount of culture shock experienced. Culture shock is essential a lingering feeling that something is wrong. There are different stages in which culture shock is typically experienced: after 4 days, 4weeks, 4 months and 4 years. Culture shock will not necessarily happen precisely in the time periods mentioned; however, individuals have a tendency to be in awe of how everything is different for the first few days and then they start to get an attack of sadness. After 4 weeks, some hurdles would have been faced to remind you that this is not one of you Dubai holidays but you will actually be living here. It is at this juncture that the first severe culture shock attack typically hits. You will have to learn to view the new experiences as being “different” instead of being “wrong” to overcome culture shock.


In Dubai, as in most places in the world, the type of accommodation and the location play a major role in the cost of housing. While it is possible, sharing housing is Dubai is largely frowned upon, particularly if females and males are sharing accommodation. There are flats and villas in all price ranges and a variety of sizes available.

There are some employers who are willing to offer housing advice. Some of them even provide their staff with accommodation. While this may be a good idea when you initially arrive, once you get to be more familiar with the country and its housing offers, you may be sorry that your place of residence was not chosen by you.

Opening Bank Accounts and Making Credit Card Application

The usual documentation, like a copy of your passport or other ID card, photo and salary certificate, is required when opening a bank account in Dubai. Once the account has been successfully opened, you would typically be able to make a credit card application. However, there are a number of banks that will not approve a credit card until you have 6 months under your belt at your job. This is because most jobs have a six-month probationary period and they do not want to issue credit cards to individuals who might lose their job or abscond.

In addition to the visual differences that will be noted in Dubai, there is the whole matter of the weather. You will have to get used to the non-stop heat that comes along with the summer months. Of course there is air conditioning to take the bite out of the summer heat but the high temperature is constantly lurking on the outside getting vehicles super hot, even when they are parked in underground car parks. However, there is a positive aspect to the weather in Dubai. There are 6 long months of winter that feels like a mild summer in other countries around the world. Therefore, there are a lot of positives to look forward to as you make your move to Dubai.